Rope Access

Rope access and suspended cradle access.

At AER we have fully qualified and trained rope access masters.  We are able to abseil down the sides of buildings or structures to get a direct view of those areas that just simply cannot be accessed by machine.

rope access abseiling park inn belfast

On a recent project at th ‘Park Inn Belfast’ we were tasked with inspecting the complete brick facades by cutting out brick and inspecting the support angles and expansion joints.  All this was achieved by using rope access.

Using ‘Go Pro’ cameras we supplied images and measurements to the engineers from the site as the area is inaccessible by normal means.  We can use this footage and imagery to combine into a report for project works on behalf of structural engineers/ architects etc.

Other projects include church speirs and sporting stadiums in Dublin and Belfast and throughout Ireland.

If required we can provide the labour and carry out any necessary repairs, painting or window cleaning.


Cradles are utilised on large buildings for small tasks such as washing windows and basic repairs / painting.

These units vary in length up to 10mtrs and provide access to inaccessable aeras or where conventional scaffold or powered access platforms are not suitable.

Powered by mains electric they provide a working platform for 3 -4 men for glazing / painting / inspection and minor repairs to buildings.


For more rope access needs please see for steeplejack and roofing contracts.