Waterways House- Dublin

This job challenged us to create a system that would allow our mast climbers to operate over Dublin Canal.


The challenge was brought to us by John Sisk & Sons Ltd. Weeks of planning and calculating has produced the desired result. Our client required three twin mast climbers and a single mast machine to cover the span of the building. 

The beams used for the twin mast machines were an enormous 610 mm in height and up to 9.5 meters in length, with 6.5 meters of this would be cantilevered over the canal. Our temporary works process was of such substantial risk it needed approval from a third-party company as per BS 5975 ‘Code of Practice for Temporary Works Procedures and the Permissible Stress design of Falsework’.

A design was formulated that passed all requirements using a variation of engineering programmes. Alimak allows a deflection of only 10 mm when operating the machines, which explains the size of the beams needed. 

The beams would of course need a method of securing to the building within the structure. Due to the narrow shape of this innovative build, the length of beam within the building could not be too long and therefore produced a particularly high reaction force. However, one of our suppliers, Masonry Fixings were at hand with suitable anchors. The design called for 6 M16 anchors to be used at the end of each beam.

Another obstacle to overcome was the inclined facades. Luckily however, our masts can tilt to accommodate the clients innovative design. This allows safe access along the facade for works to be completed.