Our sister company- Rooftec flat roof specialists

Who are Rooftec Flat Roof Specialists?:

You may not know this but we have a sister company called Rooftec that are a flat roof specialist company.  We are better known for our East Belfast address but we run out of the same site here at our Templepatrick warehouse.

Enquiries call Robin on 028 93 344080 or email robin@accesserental.com

Job Detail:

This enquiry was not for a flat roof specialist it was actually called in as a leaking roof.  Sometimes when you go to a leaking roof  job your problem isn’t necessarily your roof!  On this job we examined the roof and found the problem was actually a dilapidated chimney stack that was allowing vegetation to grow into the house.  But the good thing about Roooftec although we are flat roof specialists we can fix all sorts of roofing issues.

We removed the broken brick and plaster, removed the vegetation from the chimney breast and rebuilt the chimney stack and re-pointed the seal on the roof making it clean and safe to highest quality required of a listed building.

I have placed a few images below  of our flat roof specialists hard at work.  They were replacing brick and repointing a chimney on  a listed building near Dunmurry. The  total job took about 2 days to complete

(clicking on the picture will make them bigger one at a time)