What is a Mastclimer?

Mastclimbers are power elevated platforms that ride up and down on masts, which are fixed to the building floors.  They provide quick and easy access to all levels on the exterior of a building project, this is useful for both construction and repair/ maintenance companies.  Unlike scaffolding the entire platform moves with the materials and workers to the exact working height thus enabling a swift, safe and faster working environment.

All our mastclimbers are bespoke to the project that we work on .   Each project has it’s  own degrees of difficulty but the benefit of the mastclimber is that it can fit in most spaces and hire can be as long or as short as you need.

At AER we have varying shapes and sizes of mastclimbers and we use Alimak Hek products which are known leaders in their field.   The mastclimbers can carry people or materials or both depending on the project and we can supply you with our expert advice as to what suits your project best.

We usually do a site visit so that we can supply a bespoke quote that takes into account all of your needs.  We offer single, twin and multiple masts to fit any size and shape of building.

Customers find that mastclimbers as an alternative to traditional scaffolding systems, work well both for efficiency and safety and turnaround time on projects.

Spec sheets are available by request.  Please email with your requirements or available plans so that we can get your project moving.
We can produce Autocad drawings to show the layout of AER products on your building for approval by subcontract installers etc.

We are based in Newtownabbey,  just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland.  We however cover all areas of Southern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

Recent Projects 

Alimak Passenger hoist Harland and Woff – Byford Dolphin Engineering, Belfast.

Hilton Doubletree refurbishment and overcladding, Dublin.

Refurbishment of Premier Inn, Gatwick Airport.

New Build, Brighton.

New Build, Edinburgh.

University of Ulster Complex, Belfast.

New Office Building, Belfast.

Multi Storey Flats over cladding, Piperhill Contruction, Belfast.

Hotel extended facade works, Belfast.

Maintenance in Factory, Duleek.

Hi-Bay Racking installation, Newtownards.

100mtr Chimney at cement works, Duleek.