KGuard Edge Protection

AER Access are the primary stockists for KGuard Edge Protection a leading innovative system that provides a temporary protective edge for your building requirements. This system includes a unique safety post with a double K Lock safe system which enhances the durability of the temporary  edge Protection.  After the posts are safely installed guard barriers are connected onto the safety post housing bracket by securely locking the safety post latches into the vertical position.   Its really as simple as that!

New legislation

KGuard Edge Protection adheres to the new legislation in temporary edge protection.   BS EN 13374:2013 was brought in 2013 states that:

‘Components in the edge protection system shall be designed to avoid accidental removal or displacement of any component in any direction during use’.

KGuard Edge Protection adheres to to this method unlike other models and you are assured the panel cannot be moved or considered vulnerable to an uplift.

This KGuard Edge Protection has many popular applications including, slab edge, I beam and floor mounted solutions.   Staircase barriers are also available.  The KGuard Edge Protection can be fitted as a standard panel width of 2.6m and height of 1.3m  and can be altered to give raised or full height edge protection demonstrating  KGuard Edge Protection’s versatility.  Click on the link below to see a video of the edge protection at work :  KGUARD® provide world leading edge protection systems and fall prevention systems for the construction industry. Our construction site safety products include: Concrete Frame Edge Protection, Steel Frame Edge Protection, Debris Guard Barriers, Structural Steelwork Protection and Safety Walkways.  

Why Use KGuard Edge Protection

The health and safety act 2005 states that while working at height where anyone could fall your first line of defense should always be edge protection.  Legally your edge protection has to be 950mm above the edge, it must have toe guard to eliminate the risk of falling objects and with no gap wider than 470mm.   KGuard edge protection fits all of those categories and is used as a leader in this market.  Temporary edge protection is easy to install, robust enough to withstand knocks and bumps, and cannot be moved until the project has been completed.

AER Access supply KGuard on a sale or rental basis and can also supply to site an erection and removal service.  A full site survey can be conducted and a schedule of the edge protection requirement can be provided with suitable costings.

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