Alimak passenger hoist – Harland and Wolff

Alimak Passenger Hoist 

AER access had the privilege of supplying the passenger hoists which provided access to and from the Byford Dolphin Rig when it was docked in Belfast for essential ship repairs this year in 2015.

The oil rig itself weighs 11,000 tons and was the sister of the Blackford Dolphin which we also serviced for 6 months at the ship yard last year.

Our Alimak CH 1430 twin passenger hoist which allowed up to 14 men to go up and down to the height of the oil rig maintaining a steady stream of workers to and from the rig with easy access to both upper and ground levels.  With over 1000 working crew on board and a 24 hour working environment it was essential piece of kit for the  100million renewal contract.

Initially supplied with a driverless operating system it became apparent that efficiency could be increased by using operators and we supplied two men on 12 hour shifts 7 days a week to complete the contract.

Although this was a bespoke item for Harland and Wollf, we have a generic spec sheet for the item.

♦Up to 14000kgs in weight per car

♦Can be self driven or manned

♦Modular system to a maximum height of 100mtrs

♦Ideal for large volume of workers and material transfer.

♦90 second travel time to top level of 40mtrs